COVID-19 has changed the day-to-day activities of all industries. Fashion, streetwear and athletic apparel companies aren’t exceptions. However, using their designing and manufacturing expertise, these companies have found ways of helping to protect people against the COVID-19 pandemic.

You probably see it around you already: masks are everywhere in store. Although wearing them has been fairly common in a few countries, here in Canada, fashionable masks have never been a part of our everyday lives. However, times have changed, masks are now in the storefront of many retail boutiques, and companies make them look like real fashion pieces!

Wearing a mask is recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada, and is even mandatory in certain provinces. This additional measure opened a new market for self-expression, creating a demand for more fashionable versions of this vital accessory. Although wearing fabric face masks will not fully protect you from the risk of infection, as the coronavirus can be transmitted in other ways too, that shouldn’t discourage you from using and finding one you can feel comfortable in.

Just like the retail industry, some of our partners like BELLA+CANVAS, Gildan and M&O have been chipping in to produce fabric face masks to respond to the increasing demand. With a growing number of colours and patterns available, these face covers are both protective and customizable.

As these masks are now more available within wholesale channel, decorators have the opportunity to print some custom ones of their own to distribute or sell online. These interesting, practical fashion statements will surely live on as mementos of this important moment in history.

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