The single-use plastic bags became the primary bag used in stores in the 80s and were marketed as a cheaper and more durable bag compared to the paper bag. While they were a great success, the environmental impact of these bags was not anticipated.

The plastic bag ban was introduced across Canada a few years ago and grocery shoppers are now taxed on the single-use plastic bags at checkout. The tax is meant to encourage shoppers to bring their own bags, and to encourage grocers to sell reusable bags.

While single-use plastic bags are still available in some shops, others have already parted with them over the past few years to encourage this habit. But it seems like shop owners will not have a choice anymore. A news release from Prime Minister Trudeau’s office states the Canadian government will ban all single-use plastics as early as 20212. The ban will be put in place to reduce plastic pollution in our cities, our parks, and our beaches.

Enter tote bags! Tote bags are not only an environmentally friendly option, they are also a cost-effective option in the long run; while a nickel or a dime per plastic bag doesn’t seem like that much, it will definitely add up over time. Tote bags are not only great for grocery shopping, they are useful for retail shopping, travelling, or spending a day at the beach. They are durable, spacious, and easy to clean. Need we say more?!

Fashion-wise, we see more and more tote bags being adopted as summer purses since their fabric allows for fun and trendy design prints. They are a fashionable option and a great way to promote a business; the bags are large enough to display any logo, and the variety of colours allows companies to stay on brand.

Offering clients this sustainable option does not only help them reduce their plastic consumption, but also positions their company (and yours) as a participant in the sustainability movement. S&S Canada, through the brand Q-tees, offers tote bags in a variety of colours and sizes in 100% cotton and 100% heavy cotton canvas.

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