2021 Summer Trends

Trends are ever changing. Though often considered a sign of the times, history shows us they resurface every few decades with a modern twist. And changing times, mean changing worlds, where sociopolitical factors influence our everyday landscape, and colours and styles move with the seasons. Let’s take a look at what summer 2021 has in store for us.

Apparel Trends

Face Masks

Face masks became an unexpected trend when we were all hit by the global pandemic. With masks becoming mandatory in many parts of the world, it seems unlikely they’ll disappear any time soon. Creative and quick, the fashion industry spun on a dime to quickly develop and deliver the new essential accessory everyone needed, in many different colours, styles, and patterns. Black stood its ground and remains the most popular of all hues. If you’re going to match your outfit, then your mask becomes an essential part of the overall look, and black is a simple go-to that matches anything you’re wearing. Celebrities are sporting these masks that can also be seen on runways.

Bella+Canvas and Gildan are two brands you can count on for classic black or white masks. A Gildan model for youth is also available.

90s Sport Chic

Remember windbreakers and tie dye being a thing back in the 90s? Well, reboot culture is in full swing with the next few trends, and the comfortable sweatsuits that became staple pandemic wear are now heading to the streets!


Windbreakers are back and we don’t know why they ever went out of style! They’re functional, fashionable, and great canvases for any design!

S&S Canada lets you in on the game, with versions from brands like Champion and Independent Trading Co.

Sports Pullovers

Sports pullovers and zip ups are not just for athletes! They can be worn with sweatpants or stylishly paired with jeans. Our C2 Sport collection offers pullovers to wear this new trend, while New Balance and adidas have the stylish and and tailored-to-fit pieces you’re seeing everywhere!

Sport Shirts

Sport Shirts are great, on and off the tennis court, or the golf course. This spring and summer, we’re seeing the 90s-2000s vibe making a strong comeback for any day of the week. Paired with jeans, shorts, skirts, or chinos; sports shirts are cool again!

S&S Canada offers a great variety of basic to premium sport shirts for men, women, and youth, from brands like adidas, Oakley, Gildan, M&O, and C2 Sport.

Dad Hats

Dad hats are in demand. These unstructured, 90s-inspired cotton caps are all the rage for streetwear that looks effortlessly cool.

Crop Tops

Crop tops broke into the belly-bearing mass market in the 60s, while versions resurfaced in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. They all but disappeared until early 2010 and this time they’re here to stay!

One of our hottest sellers is the Independent Trading Co. Women’s Cropped Hooded Sweatshirt AFX64CRP because of its sporty-chic look.

Sweatsuit Sets

As loungewear has become the new go-to work attire and our everyday wear for well over the past year, sweatsuits are having their hour of glory. When stay at home orders popped up across the country, these essential pieces became sort of a pandemic uniform.

Now that we’re slowly easing back out into society, they’re too precious to part with. Comfort is always key and with a monochromatic ensemble, you’ll look chic, casual, and on-trend.

Colour Trends

Pastels are soft and serene hues that scream ‘Spring and Summer!’ These light, peaceful shades offer a sense of renewal as Canadians slowly return to socializing with some sense of normalcy after the strange, extra-long year we’ve all been through. These colours instantly add the calm and positivity everyone longs for.

Yellow is meant to brighten and lift our spirits, and we can probably all agree that after 2020, adding this bright hue to everyday life is a blessing. Whether you go full out, choose an accessory or pick a logo design, yellow oozes optimism!

A Pop of Blue! Pantone has incorporated a strong, rich shade of blue in every season’s apparel colour palette since 2016. Bright blue always pops in accessories or garment designs.

Go bold and Think Pink! Let’s take it back to the 2000s when hot pink was hot and 2010s introduced Millennial Pink. Today, this fun and flirty colour is everywhere and boosts our moods, adding an extra pop and flash to our apparel and accessories.

Wondering how to pair theses gorgeous colours? Collaborator and colour expert, Marie-Chantale Milette from Kryptonie, created a few palettes for the season to help us do just that!

The summer season will pick up our moods and shift our focus to new beginnings and a fresh start. As the styles adapted to our shifting lifestyles, and provide clothing that give us the feel-good comfort, the colours will inspire positivity and a soothing sense of calm.

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